Service Areas/Study Types

Get started on the road to clinic sooner with actionable data. Our team in Worcester can help you identify the appropriate studies to run and generate the most reliable data quicker than anyone else in the industry – all from a local source.

Discovery Bioanalysis

Discovery bioanalysis provides rapid non-GLP bioanalytical data, allowing an evaluation of the PK characteristics of potential drug candidate compounds while minimizing time and cost during the early and late stages of drug discovery.

  • LC-MS/MS bioanalysis
  • Small- and large-molecule therapeutic pharmacokinetics
  • Small- and large-molecule biomarkers


We can help you design and conduct a full ADME package from early candidate selection and lead optimization to understanding the key drug metabolism and pharmacokinetic properties to support safety evaluations prior to first dose in humans and beyond.

In Vivo Pharmacology – Oncology

Our scientific team has extensive experience helping clients with the selection of appropriate models and assays, as well as collaborating to design new models to meet the specific needs of a particular compound or discovery program.

  • Non-GLP PK/PD and efficacy studies
  • Syngeneic models in immune competent strains
  • Xenograft models
  • Humanized models
  • Transgenic models
  • Knock-out/Knock-in models
  • Experience with multiple modalities
    • Small- and Large Molecule
    • CAR-T cells
    • Adoptive T-Cell Transfer
    • Cancer Vaccines
    • Modified Blood Components

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