Events & Training

To help you stay informed, Charles River hosts frequent seminars, symposia, webinars, workshops, and trainings. We also participate in industry conferences where our scientists present their research. With each event, our goal is provide you with knowledge you can use in your respective fields.

In addition, we offer eLearning and on-demand webinars for scientists, veterinarians, animal technologists, and support staff.

group of scientists attending Charles River-hosted event

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scientist using a laptop to take a Charles River Campus course

eLearning with Charles River Campus

The Charles River Campus initiative delivers high-quality training and education programs for scientists, veterinarians, animal technologists, and support staff working in the field of laboratory animal science.

Our online training platform is organized to suit three types of requirements: institutional plans for continuing education, accreditation courses to meet regulatory requirements, and individualized training done “à la carte.”

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