CALAS 2019 Annual Symposium


Saturday, May 25, 2019 - Tuesday, May 28, 2019


Vancouver-Richmond, Canada
Attendees at CALAS 2019


CALAS/ACSAL is a national association dedicated to providing high-quality training and educational resources to laboratory animal care professionals across Canada. CALAS believes all animal-based research must be conducted professionally and ethically, which is a core value Charles River shares and is at the heart of our Humane Care Initiative.

Charles River is proud to be participating in the CALAS 2019 Annual Symposium. In addition to exhibiting at this event, we are proud to present the following:

New Humanized & Immunodeficient Oncology Models
Steve Festin, PhD, Associate Director of Science and Technology, Charles River

Basic research is the foundation of all scientific breakthroughs, improving our understanding of biology and advancing our knowledge of the life sciences. Our portfolio of products and services – from an expansive selection of research animal models to the management of genetically modified models and health surveillance – provides an important resource for principal investigators at academic and research institutions globally.

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