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Join us Wednesday, 7 October 2020.

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14:30 – 15:30       Proper Management of Transgenic Mouse Colonies – Standardization and Monitoring

Breeding animal models is far more than simply putting "a male and a female together and hoping for the best." Laboratory animals are used as "biological sensors" and are thereby essential for the reproducibility of scientific results in research. This talk will cover pertinent topics to successfully managing your transgenic colonies, including:

  • How to overcome a crisis involving reproducibility and genetic drift
  • Standardized laboratory animals (biosecurity, housing, breeding)
  • Finding and selecting available mouse models with the right background
  • Technologies to create genetically modified mouse and rat lines
  • Genetic quality assurance
  • Background strain characterization
  • Cryopreservation
  • Refreshing of a colony

15:30 – 16:30       The Microbiome: Who I Am and What Impact I Can Have

As recent studies demonstrate, microbiota are key biologic contributors to many aspects of mammalian physiology and behavior; therefore, their influence on research model phenotypes (and subsequent impact on study results) can be considerable. Learn about the following topics in this comprehensive seminar on the microbiome and what role it can play for your research:

  • Brief history of the microbiome
  • Terminology and differences in rodents
  • Potential impact of the microbiome on research areas and your mouse models
  • How to define and create the precise microbiome consortium researchers need
  • Measures you can take to avoid contamination (microbial drift)
  • How to monitor germ-free animals and those with a customized flora


Urte Jaeh (Dipl. Biol.)
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