Charles River Virtual Seminar

Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz

Thursday, June, 10 15:30 – 17:35


This event will be held virtually.

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15:30 – 16:30       Essential Tips for New Mouse Researchers

At times, information that can greatly improve research quality and help locate resources more quickly is not easily found in the literature. We know this can be frustrating, particularly for researchers who are new to working  with mice. 

Join us as we share strategies for navigating available databases, how mouse strain choices impact research data quality and reproducibility, and these other topics:

  • A brief historical perspective on the development of B6 inbred mice and different substrains
  • Recent publications highlighting significant physiological and behavioral differences among different B6 inbred mice
  • The significance of control selection and experimental design
  • Key tips for avoiding common research mistakes with B6 mice

16:30 – 16:35      Break

16:35 – 17:35      Key Differences Among B6 Substrains: Know Your B6 Mouse and the Research Impacts

The C57BL/6 inbred mouse (B6) is the most commonly used strain in research. This strain is the best characterised, the first to have its entire genome sequenced, and the genetic background strain of choice for most targeted mutations and transgenics. The universal acceptance and demand for B6 mice has necessitated their production from multiple sources, introducing genetic and phenotypic variability that has important consequences for accurately interpreting and repeating research results.

Join us for this seminar to learn about:

  • How genetic background heterogeneity may arise within a colony
  • What molecular testing approaches such as polymorphic markers analysis (SNPs and STRs) really tell us about mouse genetics
  • Best practices (colonies management and embryology tools) to put in place in order to keep control of the genetics of research mice


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