Festival of Biologics


Tuesday, October 15, 2019 - Thursday, October 17, 2019


Basel, Switzerland
Attendees at the Festival of Biologics in Basel, Switzerland.


Charles River is a proud Associate Sponsor of the Festival of Biologics, Europe’s most important gathering of senior health and biologic professionals. The festival is a prime opportunity to network with the event’s 1,500+ attendees, hear from more than 350 speakers, and explore what’s new in the Biologics industry.

We encourage you to attend the following presentation, delivered by David Maurer, PSM, a principal scientist for our distinguished partner, Distributed Bio, a global leader in computational design and optimization of fully human antibody libraries:

Computational Immunoengineering Therapeutics Against Challenging Targets: GPCR Antagonists, Broad Neutralizers, Blood-Brain Barrier Transit, and Species Cross Reactivity

Immune checkpoint inhibitors make attractive yet challenging targets for antibody discovery, where a therapeutic-ready monoclonal antibody can take years to be discovered and subsequently engineered. Antibody display libraries allow fully-human antibodies to be discovered in vitro but require weeks of panning and often require months of additional affinity engineering. Moreover, with a limited pool of 10-100 unique hits, may miss critical epitopes or perform poorly against some antigens. Here, we describe a computational antibody library design that was optimized for both sequence diversity and engineering fitness through the analysis of thousands of human antibody repertoires. This unprecedented diversity has resulted in a unique engineering opportunity: a library that generates over 5000 unique hits against every one of the 20 antigens tested. Given the number of hits, the technology enables routine discovery against previously challenging targets including GPCRs, pMHC complexes, and rare epitopes.

Charles River provides tailored biologics testing and manufacturing services to support clients throughout the biologic development cycle, from discovery through preclinical and clinical studies to marketed product release. We have the capabilities to address the needs of clients based anywhere in the world and have specialized programs for companies that focus on vaccine, cell therapy and biosimilar development.

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