Biotech Outsourcing Strategies Conference 2021


Sunday, December 12 - Thursday, December 16, 2021



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Every day counts when patients are anxiously waiting for new therapies to be developed. By utilizing one contract provider for discovery, safety, and IND package services, you’re likely to take an entire year off time-to-market.

Use the tabs below to explore how our scientists use a collaborative approach when serving our clients in target discovery, hit identification, hit-to-lead, and lead optimization.

By combining proprietary adenoviral technology with complex cellular assays, our Discovery group has delivered numerous novel, validated drug targets in a range of therapeutic areas.

Adenoviral technology offers advantages over conventional transfection technologies

Human primary cell-based assays provide the most relevant systems to model human diseases

High-content screening of standard cell models, human primary cells, or disease-related cell lines

Mechanism of action studies for the application of adenoviral technology

Our highly experienced teams regularly evaluate early-stage programs and will advise you concerning the best drug discovery screening strategy for successful progression to hit-to-lead studies.

High-throughput screening services are flexible so you can bring your own library or take advantage of our exclusive libraries

High content screening services apply automated microscopy, fluorescent detection, and multiparameter algorithms

Fragment screening solutions offer technologies that are customizable to a wide array of target types

Virtual screening combines computational power to the chemical and biological space in order to streamline drug discovery

Artificial intelligence for drug discovery can be applied to overcome challenges such as atypical targets, limited data, and a tight timeline

Medicinal chemistry knowledge-based design is a key differentiator to fast, efficient drug discovery

We offer flexible, customized hit-to-lead services. Business models include stand-alone, fee-for-service pricing, and fully integrated solutions. Driven by your needs, projects may feature one or more of the following:

Design and synthesis of new analogues for rapid SAR determination

Increasing compound potency and selectivity

Improvement of drug-like properties

Applying CADD to generate binding hypotheses and to investigate SAR

Early assessment of ADME properties

Analytical Chemistry

Evaluation of target engagement biomarker assays

Ranking of hits or hit series for lead optimization

In addition to optimizing the lead compound’s safety profile, your program should include an understanding of the mode of action and knowledge of the nature of the target, as well as establish the biological relevance of the animal species used in pharmacological studies.

Depending on your program, we may recommend these lead selection and optimization services:

Evidence of target or pathway engagement in human systems

Human dose predictions

Patent filings

Studies to maximize potency and selectivity plus minimize toxicity

Generate a preclinical candidate meeting agreed criteria

We’re changing the way therapies are discovered and developed. Reduce time to the clinic by as much as a year when you outsource your discovery to a single, efficient integrated team. The streamlined process includes hit ID, hit-to-lead, lead optimization, safety, and toxicology.

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