World Biomaterials Congress


Friday, December 11, 2020 - Tuesday, December 15, 2020


Attendees at the 2020 World Biomaterial Congress.


Charles River is pleased to participate in the scientific program of the 11th World Biomaterials Congress (WBC 2020). Taking place every 4 years, the WBC is an international forum for the presentation and discussion of cutting-edge research related to the interactions of biological systems with advanced biomaterials, resorbable implants, 3D printed scaffolds, bioengineered implants, drug-device combination products and much more.

This year, the congress is taking place virtually from 11-15 December 2020. More details to follow on our full participation.

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Don’t miss our scientists’ presentations at the following poster sessions:

Session: Biocompatibility and In Vitro Tests
Slide Thickness Can Affect Assessment of Subcutaneous Medical Device Biocompatibility

Session: In Vivo Tests and Animal Models
Poly-ε-Caprolactone Nanofibrous Wound Dressing for Autologous Cell Therapy: A Safety and Performance Evaluation using an Ovine Intraarticular Regeneration Model

Session: Biomaterials for Specific Medical Applications
Scanning Electron Microscopy Imaging Paired with Targeted Histology for Evaluation and Quantification of Endothelial PLGA Microsphere Uptake

Session: Biomaterials for Specific Medical Applications
Evaluation of ArterioSorb™, a PDLA and Sirolimus Coated PLLA Bioresorbable Scaffold, in Swine Model over 6 Months

Session: TBA
Optimization of an Infectious Rodent Osteomyelitis Model using an Inoculated Intramedullary Tibial Implant

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