ELRIG: Drug Discovery Digital Resources 2020

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Explore our range of posters, eposters and resources related to Drug Discovery Digital 2020, a meeting of life science professionals to  understand disease biology and identify novel chemical and biological candidate drugs.


Scientific Presentations

Innovations in Chemistry to Discover New Medicines
Use of the Developability Classification System to Guide Early Stage Development Projects | Darren Matthews, BSc PhD, Research Leader

Less than 5% of potential candidates make it through preclinical studies to a positive Phase III outcome. Utilization of the DCS earlier in development program, for example during the hit-to-lead and lead pptimization phases, helps us to understand potential bioavailability challenges, guide development strategies and aid candidate nomination. 

For more information on DCS, watch Darren's webinar or request a consultation.

Cancer Research in the UK
In Vitro Cell Based Cytotoxicity and T Cell Activation Assays to Assess Safety and Efficacy of Engineered T Cell Therapies | Sanne Holt, PhD, Group Leader Biology

CAR and T cell receptor engineered T cells are showing great promise in cancer clinical trials but a challenge remains with on-target tumor and off-target toxicities. We have developed in vitro assays utilizing primary human cells from healthy tissue and/or differentiated iPCS-derived cells to assess on-target off-tumor and/or off-target cytotoxicity for engineered T cell therapies. The developed safety assays provide a robust and rapid platform to assess cytotoxicity effects within immuno-oncology therapies, either TCR or CAR-T cells, in both early stage development or late stage testing of the therapeutic product.

For more information, view Sanne's poster or request a consultation.


Poster Presentations

Better Hits = Better Therapeutics? track
Rapid Antibody Discovery on Hard Targets Combined with Fine-Grained Engineering and Optimization | Katherine Vousden, Charles River on behalf of Distributed Bio

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Patient relevant models for drug discovery track
High Content Analysis of 2D and 3D Cellular Models for Target and Phenotypic Drug Discovery | Shushant Jain

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Adenovirus-Mediated CRISPR/Cas9 Gene Editing in Patient Primary Fibroblasts to Validate Potential Drug Targets in Lung Fibrosis | Anne-Marie Zuurmond

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Cancer Research in the UK track
In Vitro Cell Based Cytotoxicity and T Cell Activation Assays to Assess Safety and Efficacy of Engineered T Cell Therapies | Sanne Holt

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Combining target class expertise with decades of cell biology and chemistry R&D, Charles River’s team of scientists can support your integrated development programs with accelerated hit discovery and lead optimization through sophisticated screening and profiling assay development and discovery chemistry services.