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Thank you for your interest in our posters presented at ELRIG Drug Discovery. Please find links to our posters below:

  • Adaptive voltage protocols increase precision of voltage-gated ion channel measurements on high-throughput automated patch clamp platforms | Juha Kammonen
  • Capture Compound Mass Spectrometry: Elucidating Off-target binding to Deconvolute Drug Toxicity | Michael Barnes
  • A Study for the Determination of the mechanism of inhibition (MOI) of ATPase inhibitors | David Whalley 
  • Phenotypic screening using patient-derived primary cells | Emma Thatcher
  • HTS case study: Comparison of endpoint and kinetic reads | Sophie Harding
  • Development and validation of NMDA receptor ligand-gated ion channel assays using the Qube 384 automated electrophysiology platform | Abigail Marklew
  • Use of TR-FRET in HTS to identify small molecule stabilisers of a temperature sensitive protein  | Mateusz Kurpiewski 

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