Bacterial Endotoxins Test (BET)

As the most sensitive and robust assay available, LAL has transformed from a qualitative gel-clot assay to a 15-minute quantitative assay available right on the production floor. Charles River has been at the forefront in the evolution of endotoxin testing, investing in the development of new technologies and innovative products to improve the quality of testing and accelerate the development process. We’ve purposely built our portfolio of FDA-licensed products for rapid and traditional bacterial endotoxin testing to reduce retest rates and improve turnaround times so you can make prompt, confident decisions about the safety of your products.

Charles River's Bacterial Endotoxin Testing Portfolio

technician using Endosafe nexgen-PTS for rapid endotoxin testingEndotoxin Testing Systems: Our Endosafe® systems simplify endotoxin testing. Flexible solutions meet the needs of every customer, regardless of sample volume or industry. From in-process testing to final lot release, our easy-to-use Endosafe® cartridge technology products increase efficiency in the LAL laboratory by delivering rapid, accurate results. Every system we sell is backed by our skilled technical team who can provide training, maintenance, and support.

scientist on computer using Cortex endotoxin testing data tracking and trending softwareEndotoxin Testing Software: Our endotoxin testing software is designed specifically to help reduce variability and increase operational efficiencies by achieving quantitative results and incorporating flexible configuration capabilities.

Endosafe LAL cartridge technologyLAL Test Reagents & Accessories: Our LAL reagents are licensed by the FDA for product release, and all of our accessory products are certified for the appropriate LAL testing requirements. These deliver extreme precision and reliability, minimizing invalid results and the need to retest.

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What if you could achieve more consistency and reliability in your BET results while remaining FDA compliant?

Endosafe cartridgeSimply answer these 5 questions to see which rapid technology can help you reduce analyst training and retest rates, and eliminate human error in data entry, collection, and interpretation. Answer the Questions