Pharmacodynamic (PD) Studies

Following PK screening, discovery research typically warrants the investigation of repeatable pharmacodynamic (PD) biomarkers in multiple species. Charles River routinely conducts in vivo screening assays that generate both PK and PD endpoints.

Whether your program needs the background of genetically altered rodent models, a diet-induced phenotype or tissue-specific target engagement, we can provide the customized study designs you require.

PD Study Design

  • Short lead time for study initiation
  • Timed dosing by various routes (PO, IV, IP, IM, SC, ICV, IN, IT, etc.)
  • Single agents, cassette dosing, repeat doses
  • Radiolabeled compound capabilities
  • Multiple sample time points over extended periods
  • Rodents – blood, urine, bile, CSF, tissue
  • Histology and pathology expertise
  • Nonrodents
  • Formulation services
  • In-house pharmacy with extensive experience and a wide range of standard vehicle components
  • Bioanalytical support
  • Samples analyzed by Charles River or returned to client