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3D Printed Brain Tumors for Testing Therapeutics

Researchers at Tel Aviv University are using cells from a patient's own glioblastoma - an aggressive form of brain and spinal cord cancer -  to 3D print a model of the tumor. By also using the patient's blood to pump through the printed tumor, researchers can try several different treatments to get an idea on efficacy before they try any in the patient.

In two weeks, the doctors say they can come back with the treatment that might have the best effect on the patient's tumor, judging by how much the printed tumor shrinks from each treatment type. Glioblastoma is the most common form of brain cancer in adults, with a 40% survival rate in the first year after diagnosis.

Bioprinting has been used to model cancer environments before, but the Tel Aviv researchers say that theirs is the first "viable" tumor. For more, head over to Reuters.