AstraZeneca, Unraveling the Neuroscience of Alzheimer’s
Eureka Staff

AstraZeneca, Unraveling the Neuroscience of Alzheimer’s

Eureka’s always on the lookout for interesting scientific reads, especially one’s that align with our monthly theme. For November’s focus on Alzheimer’s, we’re featuring an article written by an AstraZeneca scientist, published on their new company blog, Lab Talk.

In the article, Samantha Budd, project leader for AstraZeneca’s Alzheimer’s program, discusses challenges the biopharmaceutical industry faces as this disease becomes increasingly prevalent. As co-lead for Translational Science within the company’s Neuroscience group, Budd’s excited about a newly established alliance, called A5, a partnership formed with four other academic institutions focused on understanding apolipoprotein E4 (ApoE), an Alzheimer’s risk factor.

Through the A5 alliance, AstraZeneca and collaborating research institutions hope to unravel the mysteries of the “ApoE puzzle,” Budd calls it, in an effort to develop a therapeutic targeted to ApoE or related mechanisms. You can read the full Lab Talk article here.