Nikolay Turovets

CEO, MediCell Technologies

Since 2014, Nikolay has led MediCell Technologies (MCT), which forms Strategic Partnerships with industry and academia entities to facilitate and accelerate preclinical development of stem cell therapies. Prior to that he was part of the Ophthalmology Department’s cell therapy development team at the University of California, Irvine, where he was involved in preclinical development of the novel stem cell-based therapy (human retinal progenitor cells) to cure retinitis pigmentosa, a retina-related vision loss. Nikolay has also served on the International Stem Cell Corporation (ISCO) as Director of Research and Therapeutic Development where he led ISCO’s efforts to develop novel stem cell-based therapies to cure blindness, severe liver diseases and diabetes, and was responsible for the GMP manufacturing of company’s UniStem Cell Bank.  Nikolay is also a key member of the first team that intentionally derived novel stem cell type from unfertilized human egg and generated the world’s largest collection of human pluripotent parthenogenetic stem cell lines.

A Sea Change

Academic researchers face a rising tide of rules and regulations when their stem cell discoveries move toward clinical trials.

Nikolay Turovets