Central database for COVID studies (Abstract Science, April 12 - 18)
Mary Parker

Central database for COVID studies (Abstract Science, April 12 - 18)

Also: is SARS-CoV2 affected by weather, and stopping the spread of flu in ferrets 

Central, Searchable Repository for all COVID-19 Clinical Trials Launches 

(Fred Pennic, HIT Consultant, 4/14/20) 

French clinical trial company Inato has launched anticovid, an open access aggregator for clinical trials related to SARS-CoV2. The site uses public databases of clinical trials and filters them for only SARS-CoV2 related trials. The site is meant to support healthcare workers and researchers to allow them to track research trends. The site offers filters for browsing - for example, you can see all clinical trials that are currently recruiting narrowed by country. 

Coronavirus may wane this summer, but don’t count on any seasonal variation to end the pandemic 

(Ellen Wright Clayton, The Conversation, 4/15/20) 

According to a recent committee of experts, there is some evidence to show that SARS-CoV2 is somewhat affected by increasing temperature and humidity. However, they are cautious to say that the coming summer in the northern hemisphere will have much impact on the spread of the virus, since cases are newly emerging and spreading in places like Australia and South America where it is currently hot and humid. The only sure-fire end point, they conclude, will be the creation and dissemination of a viable vaccine. 

Baloxavir treatment of ferrets infected with influenza A(H1N1)pdm09 virus reduces onward transmission 

(Leo Yi Yang Lee et. al., PLOS Pathogens, 4/15/20) 

The antiviral drug baloxavir was shown to diminish the spread of flu among ferrets. The drug, which was approved by the FDA in 2018, was intended for the treatment of influenza A and B. The study in PLOS indicates that it could also help reduce the spread of the virus between organisms – in this case ferrets – compared with other antivirals.  

—Stories compiled by Senior Scientific Writer Mary Parker