Innovative Partnering
Ulrike Herbrand, PhD

Innovative Partnering

Cross-collaborations within companies can drive innovation in drug discovery and development. What's Hot in 2018.

Many companies are partnering in different forms with other companies to help drive innovation. This is certainly evidence in biomedical research. But these relationships do not necessarily have to be external ones. Companies are also encouraging their own employees to collaborate across departments--even when the sites are oceans apart--to help improve the quality and efficiency of their produce development. Surveys suggest that cross-site training and collaboration encourages leads to innovation and problem solving. Tha is certainly case at Charles River, where our biologics experts in Germany have been cross-collaborating with our immunotoxicology colleagues for several years. Recently, we took this relationship one step further. Our senior bioassay R&D technician in biologics actually worked at the Canadian site for a week to learn new approaches for analyzing data from flow cytometric studies of new biologics drugs. I predict that this kind of cross fertilization, where employees share their expertise, will become more standards as companies recognize that working in siloes may be depriving scientists of the opportunity to perform better.