Eureka's Top 10 Posts of 2018
Eureka Staff

Eureka's Top 10 Posts of 2018

From hearing loss and hair toxicology to Typhoid Mary and horseshoe crabs. A look back at Eureka's Top 10 posts of 2018.. 

  1. Fun Facts About Horseshoe Crabs. You may know how valuable a horseshoe crab’s blood is for detecting endotoxins, but what else do you know about these marvelous creatures? Take this quiz to test your underwater I.Q.!
  2. Listen Up! The Effects of Ototoxic Drugs Can Be Serious.When assessing the safety of their drug candidates, pharmaceutical companies should think about testing for ototoxicity.
  3. Typhoid Mary Should Have Washed Her Hands. A simple task like washing your hands goes a long way in alleviating the spread of communicable diseases.
  4. Hair’s the Thing… Den Bosch toxicologist advances the forensic profiling of hair, a treasure trove of information about a person’s personal habits.
  5. Between 3Rs: Do New Gene Editing Tools Mean Fewer Animals? Innovations in breeding and genotyping are helping refine and reduce the use of research animals.
  6. A Fitness Model for Tumors. Genomic mutations underlie uncontrolled cell growth but new research demonstrate how to turn these mutations into a tumor’s weakness.
  7. Test Your Pathology. How many pathologists have won a Nobel? How many childhood cancers? And what is the earliest warning sign of atherosclerosis? Take our pathology test and see how much you know.
  8. The Art of the Zebrafish. How a Charles River scientist’s images and movies are helping to inform our understanding of vascular development.
  9. The Pursuit of a Universal Flu Fighter. Are we closer to vaccines that will protect us against influenza’s many diverse strains? An interview with pioneering scientist Peter Palese.
  10. Unlocking Tumors with Molecular Tools (Video). A Charles River panel discusses innovations that might help make tumor models more robust and predictive.