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The Future of mRNA Vaccines

From cancer and HIV treatment to pediatric infections, mRNA-based therapies are poised to take off thanks to their proven effectiveness against COVID-19. Although the research on mRNA therapies has been going on for decades, the COVID vaccines are the first to be used on the general public.

By using just RNA sequences instead of the full "killed" virus, researchers were able to bring COVID vaccine options to the public faster. Now that the technology has been tested so widely, the door is open for other vaccine applications, such as a universal influenza vaccine, HIV vaccine, respiratory syncytial virus vaccines and more.

There is also potential for use as a therapeutic for cancers, autoimmune diseases, and even as a vehicle for gene therapies. We should expect to see research in these areas increase over the next few years as we learn more about the long-term implications of mRNA therapeutic technology. For more, head over to CNN.