Eureka Staff

Emerging Targets in Immuno-Oncology (Video)

At the annual AACR meeting, where many of the latest immunotherapies were being presented,  an expert panel of  Charles River scientists discussed new and emerging targets in immuno-oncology.

Analysts predict that the immuno-oncology market, driven largely by immune checkpoint inhibitors, will grow to US$14 billion by 2019 and more than double—to around $34 billion—by 2024.

What will the pipeline look like? Will small-molecules impact immune-oncology, and if so how will scientists determine the right ones to give in combination with immunotherapies? What about assays? Will we see the development of better in vitro assays that reduce our reliance on the numerous animal models now used to test the safety and efficacy of new compounds? And how will we manage the voluminous amount of data we are now collecting on tumors?

Four scientists from Charles River who play different roles in drug discovery, sat down to talk about where they see the field heading. The panel was moderated by Aidan Synnott, PhD, Executive Director, Discovery Oncology and included Martin O’Rourke PhD, Director of In Vitro Oncology Biosciences, Edgar Wood PhD, Research Director, Discovery Oncology, and Steve Price PhD, Executive Director of Chemistry, Early Discovery.

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