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Instrumental Science

Faster UHPLC systems offer solutions with added benefits

Medicinal chemistry laboratories have historically relied on a number of different high-performance analytical chemistry tools to obtain critical information about the success of their reactions and processes. The amount of time—around six minutes—that existing methods used for Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry (HPLC/MS) requires can cause existing systems to reach capacity quickly and create administrative bottlenecks. But with modern systems now able to offer significantly improved peak capacities the evaluation of Ultra HPLC technologies as an approach to delivering a high-capacity, robust, open-access solution presents a compelling alternative. An article in R&D Magazine on faster UPHPLC systems contributed by Russell Scammell, Group Leader, Physical Chemistry in the Charles River Discovery Services Division discusses how some of these essential instruments are being employed in an open access environment. For instance, one key benefit achieved by the new instrumentation has been improved data reproducibility across instrument platforms. But there are a number of other advantages as well, with perhaps the ultimate payoff increased laboratory productivity.