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Ivermectin Does Not Treat COVID

As COVID cases increase across the US and the world due to the highly contagious Delta variant, people are turning to unproven sources for advice for treatments. One "treatment" that has been making headlines involves ivermectin, an anti-parasitic drug used primarily for treating livestock. Based on a few early studies, many of which have been retracted, proponents believe the drug can cure COVID when ingested.

Side effects of ingesting topical ivermectin range from messy to mortally dangerous. Dosages are much higher for drugs intended for livestock, and can easily produce toxic reactions in humans. Below is a round-up of what the science is saying about this treatment.

Coronapod: Ivermectin, what the science says: This Nature podcast covers some of the studies that have led people to believe in this treatment, and how those studies have been miscommunicated or retracted.

Business Insider covers some of the more common (and disgusting) side effects.

Forbes discusses the misinformation being spread about this treatment.