Mosquito-borne Disease on the Rise (Abstract Science, Sept. 22 - 28)
Mary Parker

Mosquito-borne Disease on the Rise (Abstract Science, Sept. 22 - 28)

Also: vaping-related disease on the rise, and a new high-dose radiation treatment for prostate cancer

A 10th person has died from rare EEE infection

(Jen Christensen, CNN, 9/25/19)

Eastern equine encephalitis (EEE) has been on the rise in the US this summer. The virus, which is transmitted by mosquitoes, has a 30% fatality rate. Typically, there are only 5-10 cases in the US per year, but this year has seen many more cases than usual, especially in Massachusetts. The state will not spray any more insecticide this year but does offer tips to avoid getting bitten like wearing long sleeved shirts and limiting outdoor time during peak mosquito hours.

Death toll climbs from vaping illnesses as Florida, Georgia report new fatalities

(Angelica LaVito & Elijah Shama, CNBC, 9/25/19)

A mysterious pneumonia-like lung disease that appears to be related to e-cigarette use has claimed 11 lives in the US in 2019 so far. The lack of data connecting any one vaping product to the lung disease cases has prompted many states to ban all flavored e-cigarette pods, while others are banning all e-cigarette products.

Trial finds high-dose radiation effective for men whose prostate cancer has spread

(Science Daily, 9/26/19)

A randomized clinical trial of targeted, high-dose radiation for men with oligometastatic prostate cancer has shown the treatment to be an effective and safe option for patients who wish to delay hormone-suppression therapy. The phase II trial found that radiation therapy can generate an immune system response not previously believed possible in this type of cancer.

—Stories compiled by Senior Scientific Writer Mary Parker