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NIH Director, Francis Collins, to Step Down

The Obama appointee has led the agency for more than a decade

Dr. Francis Collins, who has led the NIH through three different presidential administrations announced on Tuesday that he would be leaving his post by the end of the year. US President Joseph Biden is expected to nomination a replacement soon, which will have to be confirmed by the US Senate.

In making the announcement, Dr. Collins said no person should serve in any position for too long, adding that "it's time to bring in a a new scientist to lead the NIH into the future."

Before joining the NIH, Dr. Collins oversaw the National Human Genome Research Institute, part of the NIH. A geneticist by training, he is known for his folksy, colorful personality, and for his measured and evidence-based response to politicized issues, especially those related to the pandemic.

He plans to return to his lab at the NIH studying the causes and prevention of Type 2 diabetes and a disease that causes premature aging.

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