Veterans Day at Charles River Laboratories
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Paul Cole

Reflections on Veterans Day: We Honor Those Who Served

A salute to Charles River’s 166 currently serving US military and veteran employees and their families

November marks the arrival of a unique American holiday that gives us the opportunity to honor the service and sacrifice of our nation’s heroes: Veterans Day. Note the lack of an apostrophe: it is not Veteran’s Day, nor is it Veterans’ Day. Veterans Day is a day that belongs not to a single veteran or to a single group, but to all veterans.

Originally Armistice Day, which marked the conclusion of World War I in 1918, the holiday transformed following World War II and Korea in an act of Congress in 1954 to honor the service of veterans of all wars. The holiday is so important that the Federal government observes it exclusively on the same day each year (November 11th), regardless of the day of the week on which it falls.

I am so grateful for the duty, honor, and sacrifice of my fellow veterans, whose shared purpose and selfless service have ensured the freedoms we enjoy today.

As a veteran and a career military member, I am also particularly grateful for Charles River’s commitment to our 166 currently serving US military and veteran employees and their families. Charles River honors all our company’s veterans with a well-deserved day off on Veterans Day.

More importantly, Charles River provides a community of support to our veterans, currently serving reservists and National Guard members, military spouses, and allies through the Veterans @ CRL & Allies Employee Resource Group. Our ERG provides programs that promote our veterans’ professional and personal development, education, camaraderie, and teamwork. Our ERG also affords our military community an opportunity to continue to serve, giving back to our local communities and veterans’ organizations.

Our veterans exemplify our corporate values of Care, Lead, Own, and Collaborate...and that is great for all of us. Please join me in wishing our veterans a Happy Veterans Day!

Paul Cole is the CVP of Global Human Resources, Research Models and Services at Charles River Laboratories. He served in the US Army, retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel after 21 years of service.