Remembering Ginger Tam
Laurie Fenton Ambrose

Remembering Ginger Tam

Like so many who had the benefit of meeting Ginger, I felt an immediate and magical bond

It is with a heavy heart that I write these words to honor Ginger Tam who died on February 10 after a nearly seven-year battle with Stage 4 lung cancer. When I think of her, I will always picture a courageous, determined and inspiring mother and advocate who left us far too soon.

I count myself lucky to have been one of her adoring fans, captured by her beauty, grace, and extraordinary melodic voice. Like so many who had the benefit of meeting Ginger, I felt an immediate and magical bond.   

She cared deeply about others and was committed to bringing hope to all those impacted by lung cancer. She was a “natural advocate” showing time and again that she could hone her powerful story into thoughtfully choreographed messages. I loved watching her in action – particularly when walking the halls of Congress and conveying the truths that policy makers needed to hear.  

If she was nervous, she never let it show. If she was tired, she tapped hidden energy reserves. 

Ginger drew from an inner strength, an innate understanding that it was not just her story, but also the story of countless others who faced similar diagnoses that she represented. She was determined to make a difference for them—something she achieved again and again. 

Her legacy is one of unwavering commitment to fellow survivors by making sure their voices were heard. Ginger made an indelible mark on the lung cancer community and will always be remembered.

We salute Ginger and know that her efforts will continue to inspire Lung Cancer Alliance to advance the interests of all impacted by this disease.

Laurie Fenton Ambrose is the President & Chief Executive Officer of Lung Cancer Alliance.

In 2017, Charles River told Ginger’s story to highlight the hard work and dedication that goes into developing novel therapeutics for diseases like lung cancer. Ginger’s story inspired our scientists and reminded a community of researchers that at the end of every drug development cycle there is a patient, searching for hope.