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Scientists Identify Correlate of Protection Behind COVID Vaccine

Knowing which signatures in the blood predict protection against COVID-19 could speed the development of new vaccines

Studies of COVID-19 vaccines have revealed how effectively they worked, but until now it wasn't clear how they worked. Now, for the first, researchers of the Astra-Zeneca single-dose vaccines have identified biomarkers that can predict if the vaccine will be protective.   

The team at the University of Oxford, UK, identified a ‘correlate of protection’ from the immune responses of trial participants — the first found by any COVID-19 vaccine developer. Identifying such blood markers, scientists say, will improve existing vaccines against SARS-CoV-2, and speed the development of new ones by reducing the need for costly large-scale efficacy trials.

“We would like to have an antibody measure that is a reliable guide to protection because it could speed up the licensure of new vaccines,” says David Goldblatt, a vaccinologist at University College London.

You can check out this entire story in Nature.