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Study: Alarming Rise in Stroke and Heart Failure in Young Men

Obesity and lack of fitness during adolescence are likely factors for the rise

A University of Gothenburg study uncovered an unusual and disturbing pattern of health conditions in younger men. Using data derived from more than 1,200 men who enlisted in the military between 1971 and 1995, the study merged the men's weight, health and physical fitness on enlistment with data from the National Board of Health and Welfare's National Patient Register and Cause of Death Register for the period 1991–2016. From when they enlisted, the men were thus monitored over a period exceeding 20 years.

The study found heart failure cases within 21 years of enlistment rose 69% and the number of stroke cases showed a similar trend. In contrast, however, heart attacks fell by 43%. The fact that trends for cardiovascular diseases move in different directions suggest that other, unknown factors are at play, the study authors noted.

Findings from the study appeared this week in the Journal of Internal Medicine. You can read more about this study at Medical Xpress.