Dr. Anthony Fauci
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What the Winter Will Bring for COVID

In an interview with NPR, Dr. Fauci speculated on what the coming cold months could mean for COVID transmission. If travel increases for the holidays and indoor gatherings become more frequent to combat the weather, he sees potential for the decline in cases to begin to creep up again.

Vaccinations, recovered patients, and the potential for a new COVID treatment could prevent the disease from having the same impact on society as last year, but Fauci remains adamant that those who have not been vaccinated need to do so as soon as possible. Especially children and adolescents, who have recently been approved for the vaccine.

"I would tell the parents: Although it is less likely for a child to get a serious result from infection than in adults, particularly an elderly adult, it is not something that's trivial with children," he said.

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