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Hiroyuki Minami, PhD

What's Hot in 2021: Agrochemicals

Modernization of Japanese agrochemical regulations signals a big step forward for field.

In 2018, the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries amended the Agricultural Chemical What's Hot Logo--AgrochemicalsRegulation Act (ACRA) to finally include an agrochemical re-evaluation system. This re-evaluation takes effect next year, and it represent a major milestone in the modernization of Japanese agrochemical regulations. Starting in 2021, registered pesticides must undergo a risk assessment every 15 years based on new data recorded since its last registration. In addition, honeybee toxicity, avian toxicity and operator exposure risk assessment, which were added in 2019, will need to be considered during the risk assessment.
Because other developed countries already have such a re-evaluation system, some additional data gap analysis would be required in accordance with the amended regulation for the agrochemicals that are only registered in Japan.

Not only will this change to the ACRA reduce the cost of agrochemical registration and enforce safety control using similar scheme as those in the US and Europe, it will also simplify and expedite the application process for generic agrochemicals in Japan.

Awesome development...