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Wuhan Market Likely Source of COVID, Study Says

First case traced to market seller, not accountant

Although the origin of the SARS-CoV-2 remains unknown, the first infected patients have been more accurately pinpointed from a World Health Organization (WHO) study. Originally, an accountant with no direct connection to the Huanan Market in Wuhan was believed to be the earliest case. On closer review, a seafood vendor from Huanan is now considered the first recorded case of COVID-19.

The accountant's December 8th symptoms, which were initially believed to be COVID-related, were in fact caused by dental issues. His COVID symptoms and subsequent hospitalization are more accurately dated from December 16. Prior to this, at least as early as December 11th in the case of the seafood vendor, several cases of what is now known as COVID-19 were reported.

Tracing the origin of SARS-CoV-2 has proven tricky, leading to speculation that the virus was developed in a laboratory. That hypothesis has been all but disproved by the WHO, though the early case of the accountant helped fuel speculation. The revised timeline of patient identification lends evidence to the most popular theory, that the virus was transmitted zoonotically, possibly from bats to human via the sale of raccoon dogs at the Huanan Market.

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