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You Get the COVID Vaccine - Now What?

For those who have gotten one of the COVID-19 vaccines, there are some questions that immediately arise. Can you stop wearing a mask? Can you travel? Can you hug your friends? In most cases, the answer is: not yet.

Experts are still advising people who have the vaccine to wear masks for the foreseeable future for many reasons. The vaccine is 95% effective, but that 5% remains a risk. You could also potentially pass on an infection to someone else, even after getting vaccinated. And there is not enough data about the SARS-CoV-2 variants yet to know if they respond well to the vaccine.

For all the same reasons, activities like travel, indoor socializing, and going to restaurants is still not advised, even when everyone you know is vaccinated. For more on what the next phase could look like for vaccinated people, head over to CNN.