Cycling Molecules into Drug Candidates

Positive hits from your high-throughput screen are promising, but it’s not worth proceeding down the drug development pathway without evaluating your compound’s characteristics first. To ensure we advance the best version of your compound to preclinical nomination, we cycle it through our Early Discovery Team. Contact us to maximize your compound’s potential

Evolve your Compound

No drug will ever get to the market alone. Watch as our chemists, biologists, and pharmaceutical scientists - who share a hallway at our UK site - discuss their integrated approach to design, synthesize, and optimize compounds to evolve your compound for therapeutic use. Our team asks the right questions to get you the answers to move forward.

Consult with Our Team


“From a chemistry perspective, the idea is to take the information from target validation, knowing it's a real valid target with a disease indication we want to work on, and trying to find some chemical matter to work on. We will create the compounds on paper and then… synthetically deliver those compounds by making them in the lab. The design of the molecules is… the most important piece. Of course, making the compounds is really important, but understanding the data that comes out of those screens and making the next iteration of compounds is the challenging piece for most projects.”

-Dr. Karen Williams, Director of Operations

Design Your Molecule

Image of Karen Williams, a chemist who designs and synthesizes compounds for drug development.


“The process always starts with target validation. Regardless of the stage, clients we work with need to be absolutely certain the target we’re looking at is relevant to the disease, patients, and model systems we're actually working with from an in vivo perspective. From a biology perspective, our aim is to build assays that, specifically, target that model, and then we ask: what can you resolve from a biochemical basis? What can you resolve from a cellular basis? Are there any markers of engaging that target we can start looking at early that will translate later on in the process?”

-Dr. Omar Aziz, Senior Director, Biology

Develop Your Assay

Image of Omar Aziz, a biologist who develops cell-based assays to test the efficacy of compounds for drug development.

Pharmaceutical Sciences and Formulation

“Pharmaceutical scientists like to get involved as early as possible in the drug discovery process. We look to actively triage compounds based on stability, solubility or formulation characteristics. From that point on we look at more complex areas of pharmaceutical analysis such as polymorphism and salt selection, our primary aim is to de-risk compounds within the discovery process. We also ensure we have involvement at a later stage looking at advanced formulation characteristics.”

-Russell Scammell, Director of Chemistry and Analytics

Triage Your Compound

Image of Russell Scammell, a pharmaceutical scientists who triages compounds for stability, solubility, and formulation to progress a compound through drug development.