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Poster Title Authors
TB-Plex – A High Throughput Multiplex Antibody Assay for Detection of Tuberculosis in Nonhuman Primates Rajeev Dhawan,
Charles River
MagPlex MFIA: A Next Generation Multiplexed Fluorometric Immunoassay® for Serodiagnosis of Rodent Infectious Diseases Rajeev Dhawan,
Charles River
Comparative Study of Exhaust Air Dust (EAD®) Testing and Traditional Bedding Sentinels for Health Monitoring in IVC Rack Systems Stephanie Durand,
Charles River
Patrick Hardy,
Innovative Staffing Strategies: A Case Study on Insourcing Ann Murray,
Charles River
Evaluation of 2 Analgesia Protocols on Reproductive Performance and Pain Management After Embryo Transfer in Mice Kévin Dhondt,
Charles River
Developing a Global Corporate Resiliency Building Program for Personnel Working with Laboratory Animals

Patricia V. Turner,
Charles River

IACLAM Training Taskforce: Quality Assessment of Training Requirements for LAM Globally Patricia V. Turner,
Charles River

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