Charles River Insourcing Solutions℠ can streamline research by delivering operational and cost efficiencies through the strategic insourcing of GMP, GLP and non-GLP research services from discovery through safety assessment. Insourcing Solutions℠ provides you with the ability to maintain control of your facility and expertise while leveraging available space.


  • Expertise: Access to the entire Charles River portfolio of services and science
  • Better control: Maintain as little or as much control as desired (control of key scientific research facilities, assets and studies performed in-house)
  • Cost savings: Reduce variable costs by up to 20%
  • Greater flexibility: Scale up or down depending on pipeline needs
  • Optimized occupancy and utilization: Use existing on-site space and/or Charles River space
  • Broadened scope of in vivo and laboratory services: GLP and non-GLP support from discovery through safety assessment

Services Offered

  • Scientific staffing
  • Staff training
  • Assistance in the preparation and review of SOPs, program protocols, and other critical documentation
  • Assistance in preparing facilities and programs for AAALAC accreditation
  • Quality assurance audits to ensure compliance with relevant internal, regulatory, and industry standards
  • Biosecurity audits and evaluation reports
  • Efficiency learning
  • Lean Six Sigma