Discounted Pricing for Research Models

As a leading provider of research animals, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of study-ready models and related support services. Download our catalogue PDF which includes built-in research model discounts and terms and conditions for The Francis Crick Institute.

Special Offers for Research Model Services

The Francis Crick Institute receives preferential pricing and unique offers for several products and services. 

  • Contract breeding of genetically modified mice and rats
  • Contract breeding of specialised, imported JAX™ Mice*
  • Health monitoring and diagnostics
  • Embryology Services including: rederivation, cryopreservation, and assisted reproduction (IVF)
  • Training and education including both CPD plus PIL (A,B,C) and PPL courses for project license applicants Mouse and rat model creation
  • Facility staffing services and recruitment
  • Genetic testing services including genotyping

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The Francis Crick Institute

*Charles River is the official distributor of JAX™ Mice in Europe.