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CNS drug discovery isn't for the faint of heart. We can't be deterred by clinical failures, but it's clear that some approaches aren't working. It's time to start over, building upon the foundations of our current research. It's time to explore new tools and techniques, gathering the data that drives confident decisions in the earliest stages of development. It's time to break through with discovery of new, long-awaited therapies. Collaboration is key, as we pool knowledge and share experience that will allow us all to reach our goals.

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Why Study Neuroinflammation?

Colorful illustration of microglia cells which are the primary immune cell of the brain, depicted to showcase the concept of neuroinflammation.

How does the gut microbiome contribute to neuroinflammation? Why are researchers who are investigating neurodegenerative disease looking at the cells that protect neurons and the immune system versus the neurons alone? In each of the following videos, scientists like you share how they are shaping the next wave of neuroscience drug discovery. Watch the videos below to learn how to build your neuroscience research portfolio by going outside the neuron and into the immune system.

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The CNS Virtual Tour

High attrition rates are common when developing a neurological drug. Challenges from crossing the blood-brain-barrier to choosing the right model can pose costly risks. Learn how our team can help guide you from the earliest stages in chemistry to ADME/ DMPK to high-throughput screening to complex in vitro biology models & assays.

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Disease Areas


Human iPSC-derived Cells for CNS Drug Discovery

blue and green microscopic image of neural stem cells

Using cellular reprogramming technology, scientists have manipulated induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) to create a library of robust, reproducible neural cells suitable for high-throughput screening. Learn how this new technology can enhance your translational CNS research with the ability to perform phenotypic screening with disease-relevant neural cells.

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