The foundation of life science research largely resides in academic institutions. In their search to explore, explain, and predict complex biological processes, Charles River’s provides the products and services to support all the elements of basic research.

lab technician examining an ELISA plate

Academic institutions rely upon qualified suppliers to provide the basic necessities to conduct their research and support their advancements. Each major advancement in science contributes to the base knowledge and new tools that make it easier to translate discoveries into practical treatments. Charles River contributes by providing research animal models and various services, such as model creation services and research animal diagnostics, to support principle investigators at academic and research institutions globally.

We understand that selecting the appropriate animal model for your studies is critical to your research success. Charles River provides high-quality genetically standardized models for use in basic research and nonclinical drug discovery and development. Our animals are bred under stringent biosecurity guidelines and cared for using humane and ethical treatment principles. Through our global network of commercial breeding facilities, we can provide you with an animal model to meet your specific research needs. Learn more

Charles River works with hundreds of customers globally on thousands of unique genetically engineered models to deliver study-ready cohorts to meet research needs. Our team of scientists, project managers, and animal care staff is able to offer guidance, develop work plans, and help overcome any challenges with unique models. Learn more

Genetically Engineered Model Services

In today’s challenging research environment, vast resources are allocated to ensure that investigators have the necessary tools to meet their study goals. Charles River helps maintain research integrity by providing the most comprehensive portfolio of solutions for monitoring the health of study animals. Learn more

Animal Health Surveillance Products and Services

Our preconditioning services can alleviate the space, time, and labor costs involved with refining a model to meet your research requirements. Whether you are looking for animals fed a special diet, altered through surgery, or reared to a certain age, Charles River has the technology and expertise to deliver study-ready animals right to your door. Learn more

Preconditioning Services

Recruiting and managing talented scientific and vivarium staff to support your research is a major undertaking. Charles River Insourcing Solutions℠ supports these efforts by supplying a wide range of scientific talent, including laboratory technicians, scientists (MS to PhD level), managers (project, laboratory, animal facility, etc.), board-certified veterinarians, technically skilled veterinary technologists, cage wash and animal husbandry personnel, “cage to benchtop” transgenic technicians, embryo cryopreservationists, aquatic specialists, and administrative professionals. In addition to staffing needs, our services support training, assistance in preparation of SOPs, accreditation preparation and quality assurance, and biosecurity audits and evaluation reports.

Insourcing Solutions℠ Services