Medical Device Safety Team

Charles Rivers medical device experts offer an integrated approach to medical device studies with a commitment to scientific excellence, an appreciation of client-specific, and an understanding of regulatory considerations.

Guy Leclerc, MD

Senior Science Director, Medical Devices

Head shot of Dr. Guy Leclerc.

Dr. Leclerc founded Accellab, a preclinical CRO focused on medical devices, in 2004 and was CEO of the company until being acquired by Charles River Laboratories in 2019. He is now a senior director for medical devices supporting the emergence of the Medical Device Safety group.

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Dr. Michel Assad, PhD

Executive Orthopedics and Biomaterials Director

Head shot of Dr. Michel Assad.

Dr. Michel Assad is an accomplished biomaterials scientist with over 25 years of experience in preclinical research and product development.

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Dr. Lyn M. Wancket, DVM, PhD, DAVCP

Veterinary Pathologist

Head shot of Dr. Lyn M. Wancket.

Dr. Wancket joined Charles River as a Veterinary Pathologist II in late 2018. Dr. Wancket has over five years of experience in medical device pathology, with a publication focus on musculoskeletal pathology and medical device models.

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François Bergeron, M.Sc.

Director of Business Development

Head shot of Dr. François Bergeron.

As a trilingual senior BD strategist and deal-maker, with over 30 years of experience in the health sector within small, medium and large companies, Francois has successfully realigned business strategies and concluded significant business partnerships on four continents.

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Nancy Doyle

Scientific Advisor

Head shot of Nancy Doyle.

Nancy provides advice to clients but focusing on medical devices. She has co-authored several research papers in peer reviewed scientific journals related to musculoskeletal research, including cartilage research and Toxicology and co-authored a chapter to a book on bone toxicology.

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Louis-Georges Guy, PhD

Director of Science

Head shot of Louis-Georges Guy.

Dr. Guy established the scientific program for the preclinical evaluation of medical devices in the fields of cardiology, ENT, orthopedics, and others. As an expert in bioabsorbable scaffolds, he has authored many articles, presented for sponsors in scientific meetings, and was invited as preclinical expert at a workshop at the FDA and a biodegradable metal symposium.

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Maureen O’Brien

Veterinary Pathologist

Head shot of Maureen O’Brien.

Dr. Maureen O’Brien is a board-certified veterinary pathologist with training and experience in the preclinical safety assessment of medical devices and pharmaceuticals.

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Scott Wilson, BS

Associate Director

Head shot of Scott Wilson.

Mr. Wilson has performed a broad range of GLP and non-GLP surgical and targeted drug delivery studies. His areas of expertise include interventional cardiology, cardiovascular device safety and efficacy testing, hemostatic materials testing, and internal medicine.

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Aurore Varela, DABT, DVM, MSC

Scientific Director

Head shot of Aurore Varela.

Aurore Varela has over 15 years of experience in preclinical radiology, imaging, bone biomarkers, biomechanics, and study design and conduct in musculoskeletal research and toxicology. She has co-authored several research papers in peer-reviewed scientific journals, contributed to chapters in several books related to musculoskeletal research and bone pathology, and edited a book on bone toxicology.

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Miriam Rosario

Associate Director

Head shot of Miriam Rosario.

Miriam is a trained quality systems professional with extensive experience in FDA and ISO quality systems requirements and an extensive background in cGMP environments for medical devices. She is a subject matter expert for industry regulations including ISO 9000/13485/14971 and the Medical Device Directive.

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