Safety Pharmacology Society (SPS) Annual Meeting Poster Resources

Attendees at Safety Pharmacology Society Annual Meeting

In case you missed us at SPS or forgot to grab a copy of a poster at the meeting, we’ve made online copies available for download at your convenience. Feel free to share this page with colleagues and let us know if any questions have come to mind since our time in Barcelona.

From the early stage hERG project to the complete safety pharmacology outline, our experts are ready to share regulatory experience, new developments and innovation within drug development. Our standard safety pharmacology studies incorporate the core battery of testing required for small molecule drugs, including the CNS/Irwin screen, evaluation of respiratory function, cardiovascular assessment and the in vitro hERG assay to identify potential risk of QT interval prolongation.

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  • A Cardiovascular Assessment Following a Single Oral (Gavage) Dose of Digoxin and Verapamil in Conscious, Dual Pressure Radiotelemetry-Instrumented Male Sprague-Dawley Rats | John B. Ross
  • A Large Animal Torsadogen That In Vitro Cardiac Ion Channel Assays Would Not Predict | Marci Harter
  • A New Method to Assess a Unique Mechanism of Drug Targeting Sodium Channels Involved in Pain | Jim Kramer
  • An Evaluation and Comparison of Vessel Reactivity Using the Descending Aorta and Superior Mesenteric Artery in a Myograph SystemJohn B. Ross
  • Cardiovascular and Respiratory (Impedance) by Digital Telemetry Monitoring in Large Animals and Göttingen Minipigs | Simon Authier
  • CatWalk Gait Analysis System for the Assessment of Locomotor Changes after Intraplantar and Perinervous Injection of Lidocaine in the Rat | Stéphane Baudet
  • Changes in the Housing Arrangement (Single Versus Paired) in Large Animals and the Impact on Telemetry Data in Drug Safety EvaluationsJill Dalton
  • Characterizing Proarrhythmic Risk in Chloralose-Anesthetized Large Animals Using Intraventricular Programmed Electrical Stimulation | Simon Authier
  • Development of a Large Animal Model for Combined Seizure and Cardiovascular Liability Assessment Nataliya Sadekova
  • Differential Temporal Response Patterns for Cocaine or Hydrocodone in Rat Self-Administration Studies Zachary Zimmermann
  • Differential Temporal Response Patterns in Rat Cocaine Self-Administration Studies: The Cumulative Record Dose-Response FunctionZachary Zimmermann
  • Drug Schedule Control Status Does Not Limit Profit Growth: Comparative 4-Year AnalysisZachary Zimmermann
  • Effects of Amphetamine and Morphine on Respiration, Body Temperature, and Locomotor Activity Relative to Time of Administration in RatsJill Dalton
  • Evaluation and Comparison of Continuous Glucose Monitoring Solutions in Large AnimalsKyle O'Donohue
  • Impact of Housing Conditions on Cardiovascular Parameters in Telemetry-Implanted Large AnimalsAbdel-Ilah El Amrani
  • Is Enough, Enough? SEND Data Processing Considerations when Changing the Logging RateKate Voss
  • Large Intestine Motility in The Rodent—How Does It Measure Up?Kate Voss
  • Maximizing the Information Potential of EEG Data Sets: Preclinical Pharmaco-SleepKen Kearney
  • Optimized Monitoring of Peripheral Neuropathy on Preclinical Studies in a Drug-Induced Rat Model of NeuropathyNataliya Sadekova
  • Power Spectral Density Analysis of Heart Beat Intervals in the Guinea PigR. Brandon Borders
  • Spontaneous Incidence of Common Arrhythmias in Göttingen MinipigsSimon Authier
  • Strain and Sex Differences in Drug-Induced Central Nervous System Effects in RatsJill Dalton
  • Strain Differences in Respiratory, Body Temperature, and Locomotor Activity Responses to Amphetamine and Morphine in Sprague Dawley and Wistar Han RatsJill Dalton
  • Surgical Techniques for Implantation of Continuous Glucose Telemetry Implants in Large AnimalsKyle O'Donohue
  • The Carbon Source in the Culture Media Modulates the Cardiotoxic Effects of Doxorubicin on Human Stem Cell-Derived CardiomyocytesCarlos Obejero-Paz