How do you bring your novel drug to life? Gain insight from entrepreneurs who’ve been in your shoes. In each video of our new series, innovators like you share how they advanced their therapy from concept to clinical and commercial success. Watch to learn how others overcame challenges like securing funding, clearing scientific roadblocks, and navigating the competitive biotech landscape, then contact us to get started on your path to market.

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Episode 1
RNAi and CRISPR/Cas9: Advanced Engineering for Modeling Human Disease for Drug Discovery | Prem Premsrirut

Episode 2
An Integrated, Turnkey Venture Capital Model for Catalyzing Company Creation in the Life Sciences Industry | Jonathan Mandelbaum

Episode 3
Case Study: Accelerating Time to Market Using an IDD Approach | Omar Aziz

Episode 4
From NIH to a Biotech | Jolly Mazumdar

Episode 5
Computational Immunology: How Big Data in Immune Science Enabled the Startup Distributed Bio to Become Profitable Without Venture Capital | Jacob Glanville

Episode 6
The Bridge Model: Stimulating NYC Biotech Innovations from 3 Premier Institutions | William J. Polvino

Episode 7
Using Computational Tools and AI to Develop New Drug Candidates | Edward Painter

Episode 8
De-risking Therapeutics Projects from Academia to Industry: The NYU Office of Therapeutics Alliances Approach | Nadim Shohdy