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Accelerate Your Vaccine Program with Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)

The urgency to develop a vaccine against COVID-19 is tempered by the vital need to produce one that is safe for patients.

While some measures have been introduced to speed up vaccine development, such as the elimination of certain steps before a candidate enters clinical trials , these efforts do little to relieve the typically lengthy timelines and complex challenges of vaccine discovery and production.

Approximately 70% of a vaccine's production time is spent on safety testing. The time it takes to generate results according to traditional methodologies may exceed the timeline for production.

The Promise of an mRNA Vaccine

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Scientists are working together on a preventative treatment against COVID-19.

See What's in the Works

One way to achieve shorter production times is to develop a faster alternative method. Next generation sequencing (NGS) has the potential to replace existing assays and is being adopted worldwide as regulatory authorities update guidelines to include this technology.

Another way to accelerate production is to use high-throughput sequencing (HTS) to perform the required quality control testing since its use enables an unbiased approach for detection.

Our strategic partner, PathoQuest, has developed and validated proprietary protocols based on NGS to detect the presence of adventitious agents quickly. Pathoquest not only uses the standard NGS approach, but also includes protocols specifically designed, standardized, and validated to address the challenges and needs with each product type (i.e., cell banks, raw material, virus seeds, etc.).

The world urgently needs a vaccine against COVID-19. Patients are waiting.

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