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Antibody Neutralization Testing for Gene Therapies

Maximize the Delivery and Increase Efficacy of AAV Gene Therapy Candidates

Adeno-associated viruses (AAVs)—harmless cold viruses ubiquitous in nature—are critical components in gene therapy development. Recently, several gene therapies have been developed utilizing AAV as the primary delivery vector, and more are coming with over 200 trials currently in development.

When working with AAVs in animal models, it’s crucial to know the presence and concentration of neutralizing antibodies to maximize the delivery of AAV gene therapy and increase candidate efficacy. Preventing antibodies from neutralizing AAV could greatly enhance the dose of the gene therapy delivered and expand the animals able to receive it.

Through our new serospecific in vitro tests, researchers can now learn whether their animal models are producing antibodies against a gene therapy and if those antibodies are neutralizing it. These assays both screen for the presence of pre-existing neutralizing antibodies in animals via a qualitative NAb screening assay at different dilutions, and if present, serum concentrations via a quantitative NAb titer assay.

Why Charles River for AAV antibody testing?

  1. Unique assays that both measure neutralizing antibodies qualitatively and quantitatively
  2. Rapid turnaround time with sample testing time in just two weeks
  3. Superior quality and competitive pricing
  4. Samples accepted 7 days a week from anywhere in the World
  5. Ability to transfer clients’ custom assays in-house to perform routine screening

We are a global leader in research animal diagnostics built on a foundation of scientific proficiency. Our laboratory delivers sensitive and specific testing to screen your animal facility, research biologics, and different species of animal models.

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