Medical 3D illustration of a dividing cancer cell with a cell surface
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Asian PDX Model Data Now Available

SXA 4219 10x H&ECancer drug development is moving at a rapid pace and obtaining favorably high success rates. With the prosperous growth of people and economics in Asian countries, access to cancer drugs has become an increased need.

As a consequence, approval of new anticancer agents is dependent on evaluating their safety and efficacy in the respective populations. In an effort to broaden our oncology portfolio, we have achieved a new milestone in close collaboration with our partner from NCC Japan, the group of Dr. Tadashi Kondo.

Dr. Kondo has generously contributed not only a substantial part of the PDX collection, but also his expertise specifically in rare cancers. We have a number of successful collaborations with academia and industry partners to provide a validated, robust, and high quality PDX platform to the scientific community.

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In the framework of our PDX model development strategy, we included 24 sarcoma models from the Kondo lab spanning a broad range of different subtypes, ranging from rhabdomyosarcoma to myxofibrosarcoma. The collaboration resulted in a platform offering 75 Asian models as part of our collection of over 1,100 tumor models easily accessible via the online database.