Can Charles River Solve Your Toughest Development Challenges? The answer is simply, yes.
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Can Charles River Solve Your Toughest Development Challenges?

In the race to market, time is critical, as is your careful investment of resources. You deserve a strategic, collaborative approach to drug development that is insightful and efficient, delivered through an ecosystem of connected, multidisciplinary teams that are in constant communication, interpreting data, and speeding up progress.

As you search for a provider, you’ll have many questions; but, ask yourself: what could I achieve with a partner who is as invested in my project as I am?

Simply, Yes.

Driven by a passion for bringing life-changing therapies to market, the people at Charles River believe in your work as much as you do. Offering intelligence and insights collected over the successful execution of thousands of diverse projects, we are the ideal partner to meet your needs. And, as the only CRO with a fully-integrated portfolio that spans drug development from target discovery through preclinical development, we are uniquely capable of delivering the science you need and the service you deserve.

At Charles River, we’re listening, and responding to your greatest concerns:

  • Can you drive an entire program?
  • Will I feel like a priority?
  • Do you have the therapeutic expertise I need for my project?
  • Can you help me sort out complex regulatory requirements?
  • Will your organization continue to grow?

Our answer to all is one word, simply, yes. We invite you to explore what this means for you and put us to the test with your toughest drug development challenges. Simply, yes is our promise to do whatever possible to meet your milestones and reach your goals.

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