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Can My Research Continue?


Simply, Yes

Drug development has always been challenging, but social distancing, travel bans, shutdowns, and new priorities cast our work in a whole new light. As we all face the impact of COVID-19, we in the research community seek solutions in the inherent strengths that define us as scientists – innovation, collaboration, perseverance. Now more than ever – we know our work must continue for the patients who are waiting for new therapies, and for continuity of our food supply. Simply, Yes is our commitment to you that you can rely on us for continuity of your development and registration programs, to help you navigate shifting regulatory landscapes, to innovate, to educate.

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Amid restrictions implemented by local and national governments, we continue to work with authorities to ensure all our sites remain open and operational. Across the globe, our Business Continuity Plans are active and up to date, driving our site-based operations, logistics, and client support so we can continue to meet your needs for planned and new projects, including COVID-19 research efforts. So, if you’re wondering if your work can continue, our answer is simply, yes.

Can I continue to plan for my drug development projects or IND programs?

Your primary goal is to meet your milestones to submit your IND on-time. Working from home under extraordinary conditions needn’t disrupt your progress. In fact, the change in your daily routine can provide an excellent opportunity to pursue education and insight and create an action plan. This helpful eGuide outlines the critical components of an IND program, explains regulatory requirements, and details your next steps. When you’re ready to get started, we’re ready to help.

84 large molecule and 204 small molecule studies supporting IND-enabling programs have been conducted by Charles River between January and March 2020.


Can my studies continue, even if I can’t be on site to monitor functions?

As a global organization, we’ve secured authorization to continue doing essential research on your behalf. Following the country-specific guidelines and our own enhanced safety protocols, we remain fully operational and dedicated to sustaining and advancing your programs. We continue to invest in tools and technologies to support teamwork even when you can’t be physically present. For example, our strategic partnership with Deciphex will allow us to achieve virtual primary histopathology diagnostic and peer review using Deciphex’s flagship software platform Patholytix. Our new webinar series will show you how to digitize your pathological endpoints to enhance collaboration and decision making.

Can my research continue even when annual meetings and conferences are cancelled?

Of course, organizational gatherings like the annual meeting of the Society of Toxicology will always be a driver for scientific progress. We are fortunate to live in a connected world that allows us to engage with each other online. As we wait to come together again as a community, we invite you to explore the data and insights we planned to share at SOT in this collection of posters and recorded presentations. You’re welcome to download these at your convenience.

So, can your research continue as you fight for patients who need vaccines and critical therapies today?

Simply, Yes.

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