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Can You Hear the Lab Work in the Forest?

Den Bosch, literally meaning “The Forest,” is the home of many Charles River scientists busy conducting and offering more laboratory capabilities than ever, such as high throughput bioanalysis, analytical chemistry, and physicochemical property analysis. Founded 35 years ago, the Den Bosch facility offers a wide portfolio of toxicology and environmental toxicology services in addition to chemistry capabilities to support pharmaceuticals, chemicals, biocides, and agrochemicals. Now, Den Bosch plays a major role in our European growth strategy and international expansion to meet your drug development and safety assessment needs and is part of a large network of Charles River facilities across the UK and Europe.

Dr. Erik Baltussen, who consistently demonstrates strong leadership skills and an unwavering client focus with a high level of enthusiasm, recently assumed the role of Site Director. He leads an experienced staff of scientists that has grown significantly over the past year and with this growth comes reinforced infrastructure and new instrumentation for increased capacity and quick study initiation for clients’ complex chemistry programs.

To facilitate all your needs for bioanalysis, in 2016 Charles River opened a new facility in Schaijk, which is located near Den Bosch. This new location is well-equipped with state-of-the-art robotics and laboratory automation systems to support preclinical and clinical bioanalysis in all matrices across a range of new instruments that have been added to our suite of mass spectrometers. Multiple API 4000™, API 5000™, and the late advanced QTRAP® 6500+ systems complement our previously existing GC and ICP-MS/MS equipment in Den Bosch. Having the right high-performance instrumentation is critical in delivering the best quality, accuracy, sensitivity, and speed you need for each and every program.

In addition to bioanalysis, the expansion of laboratory services in Den Bosch and Schaijk encompasses analytical and physicochemical chemistry for active ingredients and formulated products. For safety assessment purposes physicochemical property tests like flammability, density, and surface tension are also conducted to best characterize the integrity and stability of each compound.

All of this laboratory and science support in “The Forest” is closely connected to our in-life services and is harmonized across sites to ensure the same quality in study conduct, data acquisition, and reporting according to EMA and other global regulatory agency guidelines. So, let us show you both the forest and the trees at Charles River Den Bosch.