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Charles River Acquires Retrogenix

The acquisition of Retrogenix enhances Charles River’s scientific expertise with additional large molecule and cell therapy capabilities. Their proprietary cell microarray technology uncovers high quality, exploitable drug targets and mechanisms of action as well as screens for potential off-targets to inform lead selection and generates high quality IND-enabling specificity data.

Retrogenix offers cell microarray services for target receptor identification, off-target profiling, and target deconvolution on a wide range of novel therapeutics including biologics, cell therapies, and small molecules, and provides the premier platform for off-target screening for preclinical safety assurance in CAR-T therapies. Combined with Distributed Bio’s large-molecule discovery platform, the acquisition of Retrogenix will further strengthen Charles River’s integrated, end-to-end solution for therapeutic antibody and cell and gene therapy discovery and development.

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