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Charles River to Expand Biologics Capabilities in Edinburgh

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In order to meet the growing needs of the biologics testing industry, we're excited to announce the expansion of our biologics site in Edinburgh. GMP testing services located in Tranent will be moving to Riccarton. The move will be fully complete by early 2020, and the new facility will have double the capacity to accommodate your testing needs.

All current sponsor methods and staff will be moving to the Riccarton facility, allowing us to provide all of the services that we currently offer while further strengthening our portfolio. Riccarton will continue to offer biosafety testing, cell line characterization, contamination testing, bioassays, and vaccine safety assays, along with lot release and stability assays.

Expanding the site also allows us to better support the growing needs of an ever-changing cell and gene therapy market. Combining our experience in virology, molecular biology, cell-based potency assays, and analytics, we are positioned to address the testing needs of cell and gene therapy products. We are complementing our traditional techniques on new applications and introducing new ones, such as Multi-angle Dynamic Light Scattering (MDLS), to provide a complete service offering.

"The Biologics industry is growing in the low double digits with certain sectors growing over 20 percent," explained Niall Dinwoodie, Senior Director of Global Analytical Services. "With this in mind, we want to ensure clients that we have the expertise and capacity to support their growing needs."

Our site expansions in North America, with the addition of the Shrewsbury, Massachusetts site in 2018 and the Wayne, Pennsylvania site in 2019 enable us to handle the ongoing needs of your testing program.

For more information on any of our services offered at these sites, or to schedule a tour, contact us at [email protected].