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Charles River Launches Digital Animal Model Ordering Platform

Charles River's Research Models and Services division is proud to promote an improved digital experience with the launch of our animal model ordering platform for North America. We hope this provides our clients with a more effortless experience while delivering consistent, reliable service.

In today's fast-paced, digital-forward world, customers are always looking for ways to improve efficiency and eliminate redundancies. A customer-focused approach through online ordering is a giant step to reduce the risk of human error, improve operational communication, and give us better insight into how we can better serve the research community. 

We are dedicated to offering an effortless experience to our clients.

The animal model ordering form will allow research organizations to secure their model needs with confidence as our market-leading digital inventory system is designed to turn around order requests with speed and accuracy. This form is just one of the many initiatives we’re taking to complement our success rate for delivering models on time.

We're committed to developing more digital tools such as these to better connect you with our services and sites:

Try out our animal model ordering platform for yourself.